What is your shipping policy?

All items are shipped using the US Post office, priority mail.  Shipping time is 2 to 3 days.

Do I need to order a base for my Spin-N-Serve?

Yes - There are two bases - a "standard" base that does NOT support the expansion ring, and an expandable base unit that was wings that can be extended to support the expansion ring.  The expandable base only applies to the 18" size.  Those ordering a 24" size Spin-N-Serve should order a standard base.



Can I custom order a Spin-N-Serve?

Custom orders are very welcome!  You can select the two patterns from any size Spin-N-Serve, or we can develop a new design just for you!




Any other questions?

Contact me at 651-335-2396, or at d.onk.ka1@comcast.net