The Lazy Susan for today's home

Every SpinAndServe is veneered on each side.  One side will have a colorful design, the other will provide a rich backdrop for a vase or special serving dish.

My work can be purchased at Minnesota Makers

I will be at Mill City Farmers Market on Aug 31 st,

and at Kingfield Farmers Market on Sunday, Sept 1st


18 inches - perfect for smaller tables.

The optional winged base lets you add an expansion ring - which is also veneered on each side! 

24" inches - holds the entire meal.

Veneered on each side, you have two very different looks available!

SpinAndServe inventory 015.JPG

Grow your Spin-N-Serve!

Perhaps the full 24" is too large for daily use - With the expansion base you can extend the 18" Spin-N-Serve to a full 24" when needed!  Remember the ring is veneered on each side!